Surveillance Systems

In a perfect world, peace of mind in every aspect of a business is what an owner and manager work towards. With the responsibility of the safety of employees and assets, peace of mind can some times be hard to find.

How can you get peace of mind?

The best way to get this peace of mind is installing a surveillance system. A system allows you remote access to view your office at any time, has a convenient app for phones and tablets, sends you alerts if any motion is detected, and a system that allows you to set rules and times to detect motion.

Our process:

  • Identifying the high risk areas of your building.
  • Check for specific industry standards and compliance.
  • Discuss what features the customer needs.
  • Draw out plans for camera placement to help reduce any blind spots
  • Work with our vendors to pick out the best system for customers specific requirements and budget.
  • Install and configure entire surveillance system.

Why pick us!

Lets be honest, we are not the only company in your area that installs surveillance systems. So Why go with us?

We build custom solutions for each customer. You will NOT find a one size fits all solutions here. This is the reason we sit with customers and talk to them about their specific needs and the features they would like in their system. If there are any requests or features that are not available, we immediately let them know that.

This brings us to our next reason. Honesty. We ensure that we are always honest with our customers. If a customer asks for features or equipment that will not benefit them or they will not use, we will let them know and advise of alternates if possible.

We leverage our experience to ensure that each install is done professionally, neatly and with dignity. We treat each install as if we were installing it at our own offices.

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